Visa Waiver Program ( VWP )

Citizens of countries listed under the visa waiver program are not required to have a visa for stays up 90 days. Each person traveling under the visa waiver program (including children) must possess a current passport that is "machine readable" ( MRP ). A machine readable passport contains a bar-code or magnetic strip usually found along the bottom of the passport. Most passports issued within the past 5 years or more are issued with this technology.

Confirm with your local embassy or U.S. consulate concerning your individual countries passport is accepted. If your passport is not considered machine readable it should be updated in order to travel under the VWP program.

Countries participating in the visa ineligibility program are listed below.

Individuals traveling under the Visa Waiver Program and who will take additional trips to Canada, Mexico or an adjacent islands can usually be re-admitted to the U.S. under the VWP for the original admission period.

Machine Readable Passport ( MRP ) Sample
Visa Waiver Program - Machine Readable Passport

MRP's usually contain a bar-code located along the bottom half of the passport which can be read by machines. Recently issued passports can also include biometric data which may include but is not limited to an integrated chip or fingerprints.

Visits lasting more then 90 days in the United States require tourist visas and visa extensions. B2 Tourist Visas may be extended to accommodate longer stays in the United States. Countries not listed under the visa waiver program ( VWP ) are required to apply for a tourist visa to visit the United States as tourist in all circumstances. Additionally individuals with criminal records or certain health conditions may be denied entrance under the program and could also be rejected for B2 visa status.

Countries offered waiver under the VWP ( Visa Waiver Program )

Visa waiver program participants normally incur a small fee associated with the program. This is usually around $6 USD and could possibly be covered by the cost of your airline ticket or travel package. Consult your carrier or travel agent for details before departure.

Canadian Citizens

Citizens of Canada although not listed under the us VWP program do not require a tourist visa to enter the United States. A valid and current passport is necessary for all trips to the United States regardless of destination or length of stay.

Important Information regarding other visa classes.

Individuals who wish to enter the United States for educational or employment reasons should not enter the United States under a tourist visa. Doing so my hinder any future ability of obtaining the correct visa for your purposes. Specific visas are made for these purposes and should be applied for separately. To see a list of of visas available for these purposes please visit our main page.

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