Immigration Lawyers

To ensure the best possible processing of any immigration or visa process an immigration attorney can be an invaluable person to have during your application process. If you are unable to assess exactly what needs to be filed or your case requires extra attention because of family relations or past events a lawyer can be your best option.

What if I cant afford a lawyer?

Many law offices will offer free consultations to assess exactly what the best steps to take in order for your application to be processed quickly and correctly. Even if you decide not to retain an individuals legal services the knowledge from a consultation can help clear up some questions you might have ran into during the filing process. In some cases certain law offices will do the work pro-bono (free) if the situation is important enough.

Why do I need an Attorney

Although most of the forms issued by the USCIS are self explanatory an immigration attorney will double check your work for common errors and ommissions which could lead to the denial of your application. Additionally law offices commonly use couriers to deliver forms to the proper office ensuring a that your documents are received and ready for immediate processing. An immigration attorney can also provide you with a list of other options if your application has the possibility of denial or needs to be appealed.

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